What Our Athletes Have To Say


“USA Wrestling is committed to promoting comprehensive wellness principles in conjunction with chiropractic care to provide our athletes with a balanced approach to maintaining optimal health and performance. Our partnership with Maximized Living will help to speed athletic recovery, reduce injury, increase performance, and promote career longevity. Bottom line – we’ll win more!”

-Rich Bender, 2009-2010 Executive Director of USA Wrestling

“Between USA Wrestling and Maximized Living we have a perfect team!”

-Zeke Jones, USA Men’s Wrestling Freestyle Head Coach

“Maximized Living has the resources! You have the knowledge that encases the small things that make a difference.”

-Terry Steiner, USA Women’s Wrestling Head Coach

“Your doctors provide the best chiropractic care I have ever had!”

-Henry Cejudo, Olympic Wrestling Gold Medalist and Author

"Really what makes a difference in my life is meeting Dr. Kristen and being part of Maximized Living. I've been speaking on behalf of Maximized Living since the very first day I've been treated, since the very first adjustment.  I've never felt like this before and I want to share it with everybody."

-Leigh Jaynes, USA Women’s Wrestling, Former New York AC International Open champion, Former U.S. World Team Trials champion, Former U.S. Nationals champion

“That adjustment helped me win today.”

-Danny Felix, 2009 Wrestling World Team Trial Champion



"The doctors from Maximized Living are an important part of our team.  We now have doctors working at multiple competitions that range from grassroots tournaments to the World Championships. This fact combined with the doctors treating athletes regularly at almost at all of our national training sites is one of the key components to our success."

-Jose Rodriguez, CEO, USA Judo

"…It's just been helping immensely, and I've found that my energy level has gone up and the clarity of my thinking has been increased quite a bit too."

-Katie Sell, 2010 USA Judo World Cup Silver Medalist, 2009 USA Judo Senior National Gold Medalist, 2009 National President's Cup Gold Medalist, 2008 Fall Classic National Championships Gold Medalist



 “Maximized Living is someone who we are very fortunate to have on board we look forward to working with them…”

-Rick Adams, US Olympic Committee, Former USA Weightlifting CEO


“They (the athletes) had never experienced anything like your professionalism and were grateful that you were there to support the movement of the Games & the US MARTIAL ARTS TEAM.”

-Alberto Friedmann, Head Coach of the U.S. Martial Arts Team, 12 time World Championship Gold Medalist, and Medical Researcher


“Thanks for patching me up (several times). You were an amazing help to my performance and bringing the US Gold home!”

-Scott Sonnon, 2010 World Martial Arts Games Champion, NYPD Fitness instructor, and Wellness Speaker



"Our holistic approach to athlete development is enhanced by our association with 'Maximized Living', optimizing each area of the athletes' lives for peak performance and quality of life. I commend the superb care and interest given to our athletes by their doctors and staff."

-Bill Hamiter, USA Volleyball National Sitting Program Director & Head Coach Women's National Sitting Team

"We are so glad to have 'Maximized Living' as a part of our U.S. Sitting Volleyball Sports Medicine Team to provide better health care services.  Maximized Living is the one that gives us a different scope of practice to treat and prevent athletic injuries from different perspective of medicine, which leads to improve our athletes' performance.  Thank you for all your help."

-Kazuma Akehi, M.S., LAT, ATC., USA Volleyball Men's National Sitting Team Head Athletic Trainer



 “I’ve never seen a partner take so much pride, ownership and initiative in getting involved to pursue their team goals.  Hearing and seeing them work to maximize the lives of others, including our own team, has truly been an inspiration for everyone in our front office staff who has had the opportunity to meet them.  It is definitely not something they just talk about it.  They do it and I admire that passion.  We are certainly proud to have them as a partner and can’t wait to see them deliver meaningful results to our players, coaches, staff, fans and Dick’s Sporting Goods Park Sports Park participants.”

-Colorado Rapids organization

“I love getting adjusted! It’s a must with how hard we train. It has kept me strong on and off the field.”

-Matt Pickens, Colorado Rapids Goal Keeper




“Thanks for all your help getting our guys ready for the UFC and Strikeforce. We appreciate everything you guys do.”

-Coach Marc Fiore, Former Army US Olympic Trials team Coach, trainer for American mixed martial artist, UFC Hall of Famer, and nine-time UFC Welterweight Champion, Matt Hughes


“Thanks for being part of our team success.”

-Brian Foster, UFC Fighter

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