Weight Optimization

 As we covered in general sports nutrition, quality fat has a very high impact on  performance when it comes to general food intake.   The ideal method for losing weight is to focus on fat burning vs. sugar burning.  This allows you to “Optimize” your weight vs. “Cut” weight.  Weight cutting will always cost some degree of performance where optimizing can allow you to reach a desired weight without sacrificing your ability to compete at the highest level. 

The goal is to spare muscle and burn fat when you’re talking about making weight for sports.  Most diets that athletes use end up burning sugar or reduce calories to the extent that they end up losing critical muscle needed for performance.

There are two primary sources of energy: sugar and fat. By minimizing sugar intake, you’re left with fat to burn.

To spare muscle, it’s important to increase amino acids for muscle building and repair, replace lost carbohydrates and electrolytes as much as possible without using sugar, and add healthy fats to reduce inflammation and to restore fuel. Just as important: stay hydrated!

The ultimate sports drink isn’t a sugar and coloring based “something-ade”. Use coconut water to replenish instead.

Coconut Water

Comes from young green coconuts

Source of hydration


perfect blend of electrolytes

perfect pH

Low Glycemic Index


For steady or moderate weight loss, follow the Maximized Living Core Plan.

For more extreme weight loss, follow the principles of the Maximized Living Advanced Plan which eliminates grains and sugars.


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ML Perfect Protein
ML Perfect Protein is derived from the whey of 100% naturally-raised cows.