The Science of Exercise: Oxygen and Lean Muscle

It's obvious that burning fat and increasing muscle are cornerstones for general health and athletic performance. Knowing this, Maximized Living Sports doctors are on the cutting edge of scientific research when it comes to providing the most effective and time-efficient exercise programs for their athletes.


Athletes must train according to the specific demands of their sport. Anaerobic exercises require shorter periods of high demand strength. Sports such as weight lifting and volleyball fall into the anaerobic side of the spectrum. The aerobic side, best exemplified by marathon runners, requires high endurance over long periods of time. A sport like football falls right in the middle.




Another form of exercise is metabolic conditioning. This method fully taxes the body's major energy systems with the effect of eliciting a desired hormonal response. It is characterized by short bursts of high intensity exercise and compound functional movements that work the whole body. Studies show that metabolic conditioning is more effective in a shorter period of time than classic cardio exercise, due to the after-burn effect, where your body continues to work for a state of normalcy up to days after you work out.




Our doctors have all of the knowledge of the best way to keep in shape through continuous initiatives such as the MaxT3 program, a workout series and nutrition plan designed by our doctors using the 5 Essentials of Whole Health and metabolic conditioning.


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