Sports Performance

Maximized Living Sports Performance is committed to bringing athletes to their maximum potential. Through scientific research, thorough testing in our hundreds of offices and a passion and commitment to excellence, our doctors are revolutionizing the way health care is seen around the world, and changing the way athletes think about fitness and performance. The core of our methods can be derived from Maximized Living's 5 Essentials of Whole Health. Click each essential to learn more.

Your local Maximized Living Doctor is available to athletes, teams, and competition events to teach whole health and increase the overall competitive advantage players can achieve. Champions aren't born, they are made. It's an old adage, but at Maximized Living Sports, it's something we believe in. Hard work and great help can produce a champion, because there is one in all of us.

While winning is a prominent goal, we stay closely engaged to ensure that our programs make a positive impact on the health of the athletes we work with and that they develop a life-long wellness rhythm that extends beyond their competitive careers. 
We spend a great deal of time, effort and resources in grass roots efforts to promote whole health on a local, regional and national level.  Educating the youth and parents at local events, schools, training camps and community programs is the cornerstone of what Maximized Living Sports is trying to accomplish.  Our passion lies with fundamentally helping our society change the way they view and manage their health.  By working with the youth, parents and educators of our communities, we can proactively address our future generations and arm them with the research, tools, and programs to reverse the trends resulting from our current healthcare system.


ML Perfect Protein
ML Perfect Protein is derived from the whey of 100% naturally-raised cows.